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Hitmex Exchange: The Exchange With The High Security And High Performance For Crypto Traders

The average turnover of world foreign exchange markets per day is estimated to be worth $3,21 trillion, consisting of $1005 billion in spot transactions,$362 billion in the market contract(forward contract),$1714 billion in swaps markets. This is a very large number. However, it is very dangerous if such funds are not managed properly.
Usually trade fiat currency or cryptocurrency performed on a centralized exchange. A centralized exchange is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that is the most popular and most widely known by almost everyone who has plunged deeper into the world of cryptocurrency. A centralized exchange is the exchange platform/trading cryptocurrency that is set by a company, organization center to provide a meeting place for people who want to mutually exchange the cryptocurrency him. Usually, centralized exchange offers the exchange of currency crypto of fiat currency-a cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency. Following its name, the “centralized” which means no company, organization center that acts as a third person to save the assets of the user, set the rules of the exchange, and charge exchange. So here there is a third party set up and manage the type of exchange like this. However, the type of exchange like this has some drawbacks, among others, More vulnerable to hacking compared to DEX, under government regulation (can be closed), Arranged centrally, the Possibility of a scam from a third party.
Therefore, to overcome the problems that occur on a centralized exchange, Hitmex Exchange present to conduct a revolution to create an Exchange safe from hacking. Hitmex exchange is not dependent on the company or service to control the assets of the user. On the contrary, the trade or transaction is controlled by an automatic process executed with the contract smart (smart contract). The trade is said to be the peer-to-peer or user-to-user.
Using blockchain technology, Hitmex Exchange is built to ensure there is a safe way to do the exchange of cryptocurrency without the need for the help of a third party. The platform acts as a service that connects trade orders to serve customers who want to exchange crypto-currency (coin or token).
Hitmex Exchange is the Exchange with very high performance to support the trading activity of the Trader. To create a trading experience that is convenient and efficient. Hitmex Exchange supports leverage and assets swap of up to $1,000,000.
There are Some Advantages to use Hitmex Exchange :
Fast peer-to-peer transactions
Worldwide payments
Low processing fees
Referral Program(will pay 25% commission fee per trade)
No central authority or banks
Backed by Ethereum blockchain
use cold storage
10% of our total revenue will be used for insurance
90% of its total funds in Cold Storage
Wallets outside the exchange will safely.
An affiliate program helps you earn more.
The anonymity of transfers makes the system secure.
Operation in 24/7 system accessible at any time.
Investments in digital currencies have become easy.
The irreversibility of the transactions gives you peace of mind.
The deflationary nature of the digital currency is a key feature.
Decentralization and the speed of currency transfers are matchless.
Hitmex Exchange Conduct IEO on their Exchange. BMEX is a token issued by Hitmex exchange and it will be used to process payments worldwide, pay dividends on Hitmex Exchange, pay for transactions fee, and used for voting rights on Hitmex Exchange.
Tokenomics :
Name: HITMEX Token
Contract Address : 0x1dd58E6a7ABaaAcFAa925Abd0AcCbE2a4FB2EDAd
Symbol: BMEX
Decimals: 18
Circulation Supply: 750,000,000
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

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Akamess,Messenger Of The New Blockchain Era

The use of Social Media and the Internet at the moment is a basic need, ranging from children up to adults. In its application, there are use it to the extent of long-distance communication and there is also the use it is far more like to communication in business. At the end of January 2018 and then, Our Social and Hootsuite, released data on the number of users of the internet and social media in the world. Based on that data, internet users in the world has reached 4 billion, the previous, 3.8 billion.


This means that more than half the world's population is wired to the internet. Africa has recorded the contribution of the fastest growing with more than 20 percent per year. This growth, of course, also make improvements to social media users. Globally, social media users grew by 13 percent in the past 12 months. Central and South Asia recorded the fastest increase, i.e. respectively 90 percent and 33 percent. Saudi Arabia showed the largest increase compared to other countries, namely 32 percent. Followed by India by 31 percent and Indonesia 23 percent.


Cryptocurrency cannot be separated from innovation and advances in digital technology that cannot be dammed and more widely affect the life of modern man. The pace of technology it's not just the looks of the activity of the funny superhero and chick on the internet with Google apps. More than that, digital technology also touched the fundamental aspects to be applied as the only major requirement of modern society in the everyday life of man, namely money as a medium of exchange.
We know that the money that is generally accepted in today's world is physical money which we already know since the first time I got pocket money from parents. But apparently, in the modern world this dynamic, in addition to money physical either the dollar, rupiah, dinar, riyal, yen, yuan or there is also money in the form of virtual which is called cryptocurrency.
In the year 2017 then, the cryptocurrency has helped so many people from the small capital can become a millionaire with just one month. With the presence of cryptocurrency projects that use the blockchain technology is able to grow from 100% to 1000% or even 10000% over the past year, with tremendous growth potential, this industry has proven to be able to bring in huge profits. The capabilities that exist in cryptocurrency can do something that can't be dammed and blockchain technology is able to change into the human life.


Akamess is a social networking application first in the world to offer full features. Social networking app uses reliable technology in the current era: the Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the Economy.
Akamess is currently aiming at all markets to create a social network 4.0 integrate with blockchain technology that is used on the mobile phone. Can be expected in the future, the majority of smartphone users will use the Application Akamess to interact with each other, share writing and images such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and used as a technology platform, a combination of several features. As can do the trading activity or play the game and get paid in cryptocurrency which is the currency of the future trends.
Features on this app include video calling, SMS, and audio calls like other popular social networks, the Akamess application has to provide two layers of encryption of the attribute as well as there are in the Telegram app (social networking best-used community of more than 150 million users). And most importantly, Akamess also have the ability to exchange and trade cryptocurrency on an application that is not yet available for every other social networking applications like Facebook,WhatsApp,line etc.
Akamess can integrate to Move Store (For the Buyer), the Akasic Seller, AkaPlay, AkaTrade (a Cryptocurrency exchange that operates in the Network Akasic). Especially, function in synchronization with exchange cryptocurrency in the world to do the trading activity on the social network Akamess.


The advantages of the Application Akamess among others :
• Not inferior to the other social network, this App is also able to listen to the video, audio, messages, photos, files, etc.
• Encryption with two layers of security. It is the same with a Telegram using Crypto.
• Can give you free use of the funds and the funds with ease.
• MVP is already to be used. Download AkaMess app on
• Can integrate additional applications such as Moving Store (the buyer), the Akasic Seller (seller), AkaPlay, AkaTrade (trading platform).
• Integrated with AI bots that can help provide information and give advice strategy in predicting the trend of the market,
One of the great advantages is that they do not hold an ICO, so there's no need to worry to be cheated(scam), and this ecosystem showed that they have tremendous financial, qualified resources, very good idea, network a large market.
The ecosystem that exists on social media networks it operates with a MASH of coins. The Total supply of these coins is 200,000,000 (Erc-20). with the amount of supply of very low to operate the entire ecosystem, with billions of users, the future value of this coin will be even greater.
For more Information you can visit the following links :
Masternet Website:
Masternet Whitepaper:
Masternet Telegram Channel:
Akasic Telegram Group Chat:
Youtube channel ID:
Akasic Global
Whitepaper EN:
Akasic Telegram Group Chat:
Youtube Channel:

Akasic Global,Blockchain Ecosystem Of The New Financial Era

As we know, Masternet is an innovative platform multi-system tries to overcome the biggest problem that occurs in the world of cryptocurrencies to gain and keep the community in order to remain faithful to constantly provide support. It should be noted that the Masternet is a community project of the Akasic Global decentralized by using the blockchain technology which is based in South Korea.


Akasic Global is An application addressed to the whole world, with nine of the components/programs that is very reliable. Includes AkaMess, AkaTrade, AkaBot, AkaPlay, AkaPay, AkaStore, AkaWallet, AkaCard, AkaMiner. Where, all these applications can help and support various aspects in your daily life, so make your life more comfortable and easier.Akasic Global aims to build a community of good and very promising for the world of cryptocurrencies and also has a crypto exchange own called Akatrade. Where an inside is a fantastic place for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency in order to more easily master how to trade on the market. Akasic Global has 8 components/ programs to meet the application in different aspects. These components, among others, as follows :
Is an entertainment and a game that is centered on the components of the Akasic Global is essentially in the form of ads, promotions, campaigns, and games.
This is a digital payment app developed for transactions carried out on the Akasic Global. This feature is a payment gateway that gives merchants the option to create a QR code for use in receiving payment from the merchant.
is the next generation of future social media network that can display the command-specific code that is integrated with exchange global exchange cryptocurrency world. This allows the user to obtain information, trade, and exchange resources in an easy way. In addition, this social Network also allows users to transfer and deposit cryptocurrency with easy and very safe.
is a Network organization founded to benefit you in the crypto mining based in China and Korea. This network is continuously expanded and evolved through ceaseless improvement in the facilities of crypto mining for the better again. So, this Component is an important thing and needed for those users who like mining activities.
Akasic Global has also issued a card known as Akacard which allows withdrawal of money directly on all partner of ATMs Bank.
Akabot is a virtual assistant that is equipped by an artificial intelligence(AI) that can assist the user in navigating other services available in the Akasic Global. For example, an assistant can deliver the news on Akamess and advise the order on Akatrade. It can also tell users about the market trends that are happening today.
Artificial intelligence (AI) on Akabot is very helpful for the traders who buy and sell very easily. It also enables consumers to predict the trend that will occur at a future time.
This is a platform to exchange cryptocurrency specifically designed and established for people who are just getting into the world of cryptocurrency and also beginner traders. These components can provide tools that are reliable in performing the activity of trade cryptocurrency that allows users to limit their financial losses and increase their profits. Plus, on the component is also able to handle millions of transactions every second. So the speed of transactions carried out by the traders can be very fast.
This component is the network engaged in the sale and buys in store, where consumers can make purchases through Akapay. The store allows the community and also users to sell or buy any goods or services on this component. With the presence of this component, small to medium enterprises, known as SMEs, and large companies have a great opportunity to bring their products and services to a large community of Akasic Global.
For more Information you can visit the following links :
Masternet Website:
Masternet Whitepaper:
Masternet Telegram Channel:
Akasic Telegram Group Chat:
Youtube channel ID:
Akasic Global
Whitepaper EN:
Akasic Telegram Group Chat:
Youtube Channel:

Masternet, The Innovative Multi-system Interconnected Platform

Blockchain technology has developed very rapidly, with the number of projects that keep popping up all over the world. The Blockchain and the Internet requires a large number of users and support to help the platforms and the ecosystems that grow great. There are already many product projects blockchain which is already created, with the desire to bring comfort and change the way we live each day in a more positive way. Users of this product are the people who develop and support the manufacturers along with the team in it. In other words, users and society is the source of any products or the platform. So that the user or the ecosystem has a considerable role in developing a platform. So, we can see that the community is the foundation and core of the Blockchain project.


One of the projects of the ecosystem by using the technology of the blockchain is Masternet. Masternet was born with the goal of becoming a platform that can bring prosperity to the community by using the blockchain technology. Recognize that the core elements, the Team developer of Masternet formed to support the community as the ecosystem of the platform. Masternet will shake hands with the ecosystem of applications and provides them the feature to between the user community and the developer.
Masternet is a platform of Multi-Interconnected systems that move in the field of Finance who became a community project built for the Akasic Network and is designed for a greater purpose, namely, to integrate with projects blockchain other for the welfare of its users.
Masternet is a means representative to Akasic Global. For that reason, Masternet has a mission to build a large community of each user and the resources to support the Ecosystem of the Akasic Global, and MASH the Coins that will be used as the main currency for trade and exchange between the users of the Akasic Global. So, Masternet has a goal to become a hub in the system between one project to the other. So, What is Akasic Global? Akasic Global is a platform which is formed by the application of the Blockchain technology which is accompanied with the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) and also other technology as well as presenting the features of a reliable program that is developed by our expert team, located in Korea. These products, among others: Akastore, Akaplay, Akapay, Akamess, Akamining, Akacard, Akabot, and Akatrade.


Masternet is a product of innovation. This Platform will connect between the service that one service that others on this platform to serve the community in the best way in terms of knowledge and understanding. This Platform caters to the needs of the future almost all financial transactions through the crypto-currency and helps the community to understand and take full advantage of this technology.
The Purpose Of Masternet
Masternet aspires to encourage more people to come to this ecosystem that can integrate with the community and get rewards in accordance with the program what package they choose. Through the Masternet this Platform, all members can build a variety of networks, relationships, and connections with people of similar interests.
When the number of participants who will utilize the MashCoin such as buy and sell, or hold it on different occasions, its growth will increase, therefore will be able to stabilize and strengthen the Coin, which is one application of the blockchain technology.
About MashCoin


MashCoin is a currency of utilities that act as rewards to members who participate. They can use it to make payments, transfer money, do the shopping and trade cryptocurrency. This Program is not only beneficial for us but also community members can earn rewards and bonuses through a variety of project activities and operations.
The use of MashCoin

First, you need to choose the package you want that offered by the Masternet. Then, you are required to lock the MashCoin with a time and number that is based on the package you choose. Next, you will be rewarded with a reward or bonus earned from the reserve fund. Very interesting, is not it?
When the Community Masternet reaches out more widely to the community, teams derive income from a variety of development projects and activities such as through marketing and advertising the products, the cost of currency conversion, the product, list cost and proprietary cost of the service. In addition, the Masternet get revenue from partners who subsequently distributed to the holders of MashCoin every month. The larger the community, the greater the benefit and the revenue will be given to participants or contributors.
Thus, Masternet aspires to grow and develop with the community, increasing participation of members, multiply the affiliate program and integrates with a lot of projects blockchain. Masternet aims to build a community of healthy, intelligent and successful where all of the programs of the Blockchain technology work together, integrating between the parties with the other party in order to create a mutually beneficial symbiosis.
This is the request of the fiercest of the all-party business and financial institutions to embrace this new change, contribute and work together so that we can be prepared before this world became the modern society with the cryptocurrency. Join into the Ecosystem Masternet will certainly allow you to obtain advantage deals at the top.
For more Information you can visit the following links :

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Arround, World’s First Decentralized Advertising Solution in Augmented Reality

Arround is social network in the future, which revolutionized the concept of social networking. The main difference is the application of Augmented Reality technology (AR). The creators of the project can realize many opportunities for humans. Take at least a catalog of mobile apps. This market will be useful for users and developers who will develop their own development in this market.

Arround is a platform Augmented Reality (AR) decentralized which provides the environment of the digital world to learn in which millions of people can create and share the AR experience them. Arround the developing platform of the blockchain that consists of four elements integrated: advertising network to the universal reliable, the market reality of large, social platforms, and the map AR the next generation which will create the backbone for the project AR in the whole world.
Advertisers will have a new way to attract consumers through the use of a creative campaign in the realities of expanded, and retail stores highways can benefit for the first time of big data and targeted campaigns historically.
The Structure Of The Platform
Arround is developing platform of the blockchain that consists of four elements integrated: advertising network universal destructive, market realities are expanded, the social platform and the new generation of AR cards that will create the foundation for the project AR in the whole world
Typically the retail store trying to customize the look of their windows to attract customers and sell more products. However, there is a difference inherent in the fact that users can't easily find the product after they really visit the store, and in addition, sophisticated products may not appeal to an individual consumer that passes through the storefront. Most of the shopping centers set the price high to navigation, advertising, and promotion. To overcome the problem of lack of ad space while maintaining the design of the shopping center, this platform will help retailers to integrate ads interactive using the AR and through the introduction of the actual product in the location penyimpanan2. In addition, this platform will do the activation on all the space of the shopping center in the form of a navigation and information signs or in the form of promotional offers from advertisers and brands associated with each profile by using the-AR.The chart of Augmented Reality Vs Virtual Reality Market Size.

Business models of Arround
The Platform and ecosystem created by Arround will be based on the business model here:
• Platform Arround will make money by displaying ads as well as through the rental of the map data.
• All the prices in the system will be arranged in a fiat currency.
• Payment for advertising and purchases within the system will be made using the token ARR. Tokens can be purchased using the cryptocurrency and fiat money.
• Benefits for users: discounts, bonuses, and gifts to perform the task of the advertisers, the token transfer between users.
• Source of revenue for service providers: payment for premium content by advertisers and users.
• The income of the holder node of the blockchain and the owner of the server with the content: part of the cost of the transactions paid automatically and payment automatically from the Network Development Fund (NDF). All payment is expected to be carried out using contract smart.
About Arr Token
Ticker: ARR
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 1,450,000,000 ARR (56,5%)
Price of the ICO: 1 ARR = 0,035 USD
Received: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Dash
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard hat: 30 000 000 USD
Sale Token Started: September 15, 2018
Sale Token Expires: 15 October 2018 token ARR will be published.
All tokens that are not sold will be burned
The Use Of Arr Token
ARR is used for all revenue transactions in the entire network, including all ad payments, income from social networking, AR Store and from the 3D map of AR global.ARR is the basic unit in the exchange platform AROUND, and all commercial activities, although they may be valued in fiat currency, will be done in the ARR token.

Token ARR used by the user a platform to buy or lease goods or digital services from the developer of that connect and by commercial parties to run advertising campaigns and marketing. In addition, the token can be used to motivate the user to view the advertising campaigns and marketing, plus give you rewards for users to map their environment, thereby contributing to the creation of the network backbone, augmented reality. The use of the backbone can be given to a third party through payment in the token ARR.
Reasons To Buy Arr Token:
• Build partnerships with global brands
• Token plays an important role in the launch business model
• The AR market is growing at a very high level (65% of CARS)
• MVP is available in iOS and Android
• Innovative products and integrated
• An experienced team with a very good record

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Neluns, Revolution Of New Generation Financial Ecosystem With The Dividend Program In The Blockchain

Everyday, more and more people are interested in the cryptocurrency. Now there will be traders who survive long pursuit approach 'to get & keep', a stock trader who took part in the trading business, and funds cryptocurrency great. Despite this, many people still refuse admission to the market. The absence of the use of the cryptocurrency within the limits of a version of the organization equally well in the absence of the law who take action as a barrier to connection to the company. People regularly will not have the time or the power to examine all mechanism of the market and get the cryptocurrency.
Several factors act as serious obstacles, which can bring the results of the decline in industrial production cryptocurrency, as well as the use of standard cryptocurrency.According to our point of view, a comprehensive approach is usually needed. We find an alternative in creating the ecosystem of the monetary version of the organization that will be focused to eliminate the concerns of all industry participants cryptocurrency effective, as well as eliminate barriers to the accessibility industry. Neluns will achieve this goal by creating almost all circumstances with the practical, to expand the options current members and a wide opening to get access to the scope of cryptocurrency for the collection of a wide user. Neluns will turn into the catalyst segment of the market cryptocurrency.
Although the cryptocurrency offers a solution to the problem of fiat, but until now only a few people or companies who want to use crypto, or in other words, crypto failed to adopt mass. The main cause of this failure is:
  1. The use of cryptocurrency is still limited and the exchange of cryptocurrency are also experiencing a lot of problems like accidents during the peak load, withdrawal limits, the operational management of the poor, and the threat of hackers.
  2. Many people experience fraud and are stuck in the project of a scam.
  3. Service cryptocurrency is still limited compared with the traditional bank.
    Neluns is the ecosystem of innovative financial that contain good banks that trade with fiat and cryptocurrency, trade cryptocurrency, and the insurance business which creates conditions for the expansion of qualitative of cryptomarket, the inflow of new members, and capital.
Neluns is a financial ecosystem of innovative, combining themselves in the bank, which operates with fiat and cryptocurrency, so as to create conditions for the development of the quality of the market of cryptocurrency and the inflow of new participants and new capital. There are 3 main elements in the ecosystem Neluns include: Neluns Bank, Neluns Exchange, and Neluns Insurance.
The user should pass verification procedure to start working with the ecosystem Neluns. Users can use email, social networking, mobile phone number, or identity for verification. There are 3 levels of verification system. This level will affect the participation of users in the ecosystem Neluns and the amount of money that can be traded, ranging from 300$ to infinity.
The purpose of Neluns is creating a financial environment that is innovative, pairing yourself in the bank or investment company, which operates with fiat and cryptocurrency, currency exchange and insurance providers currency, as a consequence, creates a state for the expansion of the best quality from the industry of cryptocurrency and the influx of new individuals and new capital. In the ecosystem Neluns, the user will be ready to order and sell the cryptocurrency with just a few clicks. lead trade cryptocurrency productive in the stock exchange.put and take money from the program with just a few clicks from any part of the environment.
Dividend Program

The products and services of Neluns platform such as the following :
Neluns Bank
Neluns Bank, bank of new generation, serving all of the banking services fiat with cryptocurrency. Neluns the Bank will combine the traditional banking and banking in the blockchain. In the future, Neluns Bank, together with its partners, will transition to the Blockchain of his own for the purpose of international settlement.

neluns bank.png

User Neluns the Bank will have access to the IBAN number (an international bank account), account multicurrency personal and corporate. IBAN is a unique identifier helping banks process payments from person to person automatically. IBAN contains all the necessary information from the owner of the bank account such as account number, bank, information branch, and country code.
Mobile App
App for iOS and Android makes it easy to transfer, exchange, receive and give a loan in fiat and cryptocurrency (P2P-credit) anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

Bank Card
Neluns Bank will be connected to various payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others). Holders of cards issued by Neluns Bank, will be able to pay for purchases both in fiat currency and cryptocurrency and deposit at any ATM, anywhere in the world, to their bank account. Bank cards will be available in 4 types (lite, silver, gold, and platinum) depending on the level of user verification.

All loan products will be provided to the customer in a short time and with favorable terms based on Big Data and AI to select the application and verify the trust of the borrower. The issuance of the loan will be available in fiat or cryptocurrency.
Lending Platform P2P
Authorized users will be able to receive and give loan to other users. The system will automatically give a ranking of the demand for loans P2P based on its own algorithm.
The Protection Of The Escrow
Neluns Bank offers an escrow service. The funds will be distributed to the makers of the project because the project is moving along the road map. After the completion of each stage of development, the bank's specialists will run a check to make sure that the maker of the project to meet its obligations.
Neluns Exchange
Neluns Exchange strives to be a currency cryptocurrency global and establish themselves as the foundation for the architecture of new banking and complex. Neluns Exchange will receive a license from the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to act as a central clearing house for derivatives, based on the cryptocurrency.

Bank Guarantee
Neluns, the exchange of assets a user is always connected with the IBAN in Neluns Bank and a completely legitimate and insured.
The Speed Of The Transaction
Our system will maintain function under load anything. Users will be able to do millions of transactions per minute. Withdrawals will be made to the account of the multicurrency opened with Neluns Bank. This procedure will occur almost instantly.
Protection From Cyber Attacks
Neluns will use technical solutions banking reliable, provided by the leading companies in the world. So it will significantly increase the level of security and minimize the possibility of loss of client funds due to the actions of hackers.
Effective Support Services
Neluns will immediately answer all questions that arise and solve problems in a language that is comfortable for each user. Support services will be available directly in the chat application is cellular, in all courier, on the site Neluns, and through our hotline.
Neluns is developing a module of a comprehensive software, which will allow the active trader to do trade with us in exchange Nelun through the software products known. After Neluns the Bank moved to its own Blockchain, Neluns Exchange will be able to make the payment within few seconds to any part of the world with a minimum commission of 0.01%. Internal Transfer in the ecosystem Neluns not carry the costs.
Neluns Insurance
Neluns Insurance will do insurance coverage for financial risk, associated with trade and transactions. Users the ecosystem will have access to risk insurance full and partial. The amount of the insurance premium basis with full insured consist of 10% of the total trade/transaction, can be changed depending on a row of criteria. In the future, insurance risk, credit risk and deposits, risk insurance, investment insurance and a financial guarantee will be added to the basic service.
NLS Token
During the ICO, 200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released digitally
The basic price of 1 token NLS = 1 USD
The distribution of tokens NLS
80% of the tokens will be sold during ICO
12% tokens will remain with the team development platform
5% token will be directed to the campaign Bounty
3% of the tokens will be stored by the project advisor
The price of NLS which is expected
Economic modelling of business processes which allow us to foresee the growth of the price of the token to the NLS through the perspective of short term, medium term and long term.
Neluns ICO
The stages (rounds). ICO
Hard Cap — $ 2.000.000
Soft Cap — $ 500.000
stage 1 (round), pre-sales, phase ii (round) length of 14 days,
from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.
Hard Cap — $ 10.000.000
Soft Cap — $ 2.000.000
2 phase (round), pre-ICO, phase ii (round) length up to 21 days,
from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.
Hard Cap — $ 112.000.000
Soft Cap — $ 10.000.000
3 stages (rounds), ICO, phase ii (round) length of 31 days,
from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018.
Neluns Partners

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